Seagate - Nytro AP 2U24 System

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Seagate - Nytro AP 2U24 System
  • Harness fast data transfers with a 12Gb/s SAS interface paired with Seagate Nytro SSD drives.
  • Gain more space and performance while lowering TCO with a 2U rack storing up to 24 drives.
  • Build an efficient compute and storage environment with a fast SSD in a compact form factor.
  • Select controller performance and high-availability options to suit budget and/or software requirements with dual ×86 controllers.
  • Support virtually any current or future network infrastructure with 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE I/O options.
  • Dual 12Gb/s SAS controllers are compliant with the latest architecture standards for maximum data throughput.
  • Tap into increased reliability and business/operations continuity with fully redundant, hotswappable components.
  • Right-size your configuration by purchasing only what you need.
  • Shares design and multiple FRUs with various Exos ® products for modular, easy-to-service AP and EBOD ecosystems.
  • Expand your storage as your business grows with up to 8 chassis