LyveTM Mobile

LyveTM Shuttle is an edge storage solution that allows you to store and move mass data to and from emerging edge environments.

Put mass data in motion with the LyveTM Mobile Array —a secure storage solution for high-capacity, high- performance edge storage applications.

Data Transfer as a Service

Mass-capacity mobile edge storage and data transfer service for your enterprise.

Secure Edge Data Transportation Device

High-Capacity Edge Data Transportation Device

LyveTM Cloud

Object Storage Designed for Multicloud

No egress fees. No API charges. No friction.

Storage Without Silos

Transfer data seamlessly across public and private cloud environments without extra charges for egress or API calls.

Multicloud Freedom as a Service
Cost-effective object storage designed for multicloud.

Enable multicloud freedom with Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data. Predictable capacity-based pricing with no hidden fees for egress or API calls reduces TCO so you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with verifiable trust and ease of use at scale from the global leader in data management

Lyve Mobile Management Portal

Lyve Mobile Management Portal

Compare Plans

Service Benefits Project Plan Annual Plan
Subscription Duration Month-to-month Yearly (save 8%)
Data Provisioning and Deployment ☑️ ☑️
Multi User Management ☑️ ☑️
Device Advanced Replacement ☑️ ☑️
24x7 Seagate Virtual Assistant ☑️ ☑️
Asset Return Management ☑️ ☑️
Device Reconditioning   ☑️
Scale Devices Up or Down   ☑️
Swap Technology as Needed   ☑️

Lyve Mobile Shuttle | HDD & SSD UP TO 16TB & 8TB | Secure and rugged storage for the emerging edge. Take control of your data transfer and transport costs when moving data around your enterprise.Lyve Mobile Array | HDD & SSD UP TO 96TB & 92TB | Store mass data at the edge and transfer it in days, not weeks. This secure, portable, rackable edge storage solution puts enterprise data in motion.Lyve Mobile Array Accessories | Accessories | Get access to all the Lyve Mobile Array accessories you need for mobile data capture, secure transport, and ingestion into your cloud or data center.

Seagate Government Solutions

SGS is the FOCI mitigated government arm of Seagate. Our mission is to deliver an array of data management solutions to federal agencies and their partners. We have highly secure, top performing, affordable data management with a robust supply chain of components and storage devices. Our proven technology adheres to strict government mandates while spearheading the way for advancements in the field of security—from unclassified to top secret, and beyond.

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