Seagate - Exos 15E900 Hard Drive

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Seagate - Exos 15E900 Hard Drive
15E900 series delivers faster time-to-data and is intended for use in data centers where density, power consumption and data integrity are paramount especially during peak demand workloads.*
  • Up to 100% faster random write performance** with Enhanced Caching that accelerates OLTP, VDI, web server and database applications.
  • Simplify data center integration with Fast Format™ models which can be addressed as 512 emulation and re-serviced to 4K native formats.
  • Seagate Secure™ capabilities ensure authentic and trusted products from a secure supply chain, available with hardware-based encryption (SED), Instant Secure Erase (ISE), TAA compliance and FIPS 140-2
* Formerly Enterprise Performance 15K HDD
** Compared to previous generation of hard drive